Unfair game in Golden Palace Casino

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This is what happened, their live game experienced serious technical problem lately, and I believe they shouldn’t launch it on if that’s the case. Yet they still do, for a player who bet base on ‘up as you lose’ this is very dangerous, because what if I bet many consecutive losses then finally I want to bet my last one and I got logged out by the dealer? This happen many many times. But those were the times I didn’t really want to bet anyways, so I didn’t think of anything about it. BUT last night, TWICE I had 5 and 6 consecutive losses, on respective 6th and 7th hand, I was going to make a bet, I click on confirm, it WOULD NOT click, I click and click and it just wouldn’t confirm!!! And those were two winning hands, so there goes my hundred dollars down the drain. It wasn’t only me who experience that, other players I chat with in the same room at that time experience that at least 10 times in a shoe (of baccarat).

Anyhow, I called up the customer service to let them know the problem, they accuse me that my internet connection was lost and deny that they have any tech problems. Okie, let’s look at this closely, HOW can my internet connection be lost when I can chat with other players fine? And how can I make other bets but when I try to make a winning one I cannot confirm? How can my internet connection be lost and yet I’m still surfing around on my other window? I think this is not fair at all. The guy’s customer service is horribe, the worse I’ve ever come across with. He said I’m the only one complaining outa thousands of players, hei, if there are no one complaining does that mean everyone is happy about them? What kind of customer service is that when your customer complain you didn’t deal with it accordingly and accuse your customer of being the ‘only one complaining?’ Well guess what? Just when he deny that they have tech problem, 5 minutes later, the dealer logged out due to tech problem. Okieeeee…looks fishy to me.

Another thing I want to warn everyone is the fact that their game is really not fair, the odds are totally different from land casino. If odds are not fair to players, I strongly believe it’s fix somehow, and I know for a fact other players made similar comments not only on this website but in casinowatchdogs was well.

Their withdrawal is a hassle, they request dozens of documents which you’ll fax over, but I can guarantee you it’ll come back saying it’s not clear or it’s not sufficient and such. I’m so disappointed in this casino I just couldn’t understand why it’s in numerous blacklist yet they still can claim themselves as a #1 internet casino? Please watch out for this one, as well as their sister sites, one of them is Grand on Line.

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