Was Poker Loss Too Much For Kim Jong Il

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Rumors circulating around the online casino gambling scene this week maintain that recently deceased leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, was in a fit of “uncontrollable anger” after a devastating loss during a major online casino poker tournament. It is claimed that mere minutes after this incident the communist dictator suffered the heart attack that took his life. The most recent accounts coming from North Korea apparently indicating Kim’s death came about as the result of a certain Texan poker tournament currently not in the good books with US President Barack Obama’s administration. Several reliable sources have suggested that No Limit Texas Hold’em was Kim Jong Il’s online casino game of choice, causing a flood of accounts in online casino poker forums visited by Korean nationals. The exact details behind the North Korean leader’s demise are yet to be officially released fueling the flames of speculation even higher. Until the world learns otherwise this is considered to be the most accurate account of the events surrounding the 69 year old’s final day.

The second in a series of dynastic rulers of the communist nation of Korean, the reclusive Kim Jong Il allegedly become “extremely angry” after experiencing a critical loss whilst playing in the very high profile online casino poker tournament. Supposedly Kim Jong Il has been a regular player at several online casino poker websites, of course having signed up under fake details. Apparently being the leader of a communist country does have its benefits when you need to “borrow” an identity to anonymously gamble under. He apparently enjoyed the thrill of playing against complete strangers with complete anonymity, and has been playing for “a number of years” after receiving private lessons from “top players” from within the poker community.

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